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Halo Zero

Halo ZeroFinal

Free, multiplayer, 2D version of Halo

Halo Zero is a fan made 2D tribute to the hugely popular Xbox series. Take control once again of Master Chief and battle against the Covenant invaders. If the generic sci-fi story of the original Halo games was obscured by their ambition and scale...
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  • by Anonymous

    i love halo zero its going to be fun amd awesome. i love this site it is going to be fun and awesome because i will love this site

  • by Anonymous

    All In All: EPIC. A pretty good, kinda addictive, version of Halo Combat Evolved, so maybe it could be for older computers that cant handle Combat Evolved. Maybe its just for FUN! :D. Pros: Excellent gameplay! Free! Side Scroller makes for somewhat easy visuals. Cons: Multiplayer is IP based, so is pretty much a private thing.

  • by Anonymous

    Not the best freeware platformer out there.... Contrary to aaron07010's statement, if anyone doesn't have a console, then this is NOT as close to Halo as you'll get. Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 were both released for Windows. So there :) One for the recycle bin. Pros: Can't think of any. Cons: Written by fanboys for fanboys.

  • by Anonymous

    Awesome. Wow, this was really good. If anyone dosn't have a 360, this is as close to Halo as you'll get. A DS version of this would be cool. Pros: ~Good graphics ~storyline keys in with Halo ~had guns off the game etc. Cons: ~ Got a little laggy sometimes.